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Merck Animal Health Joins Trust in Beef™ as Founding Member

by Animal Health2 | Mar 07, 2022

Merck Animal Health joins the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef as a founding partner to Trust In Beef. The effort is led by Farm Journal‘s social purpose division, Trust In Food, and its industry-leading beef brand, Drovers

Trust In Beef launched in Fall 2021 and is supporting 200,000 beef producers in accelerating continuous improvement in performance across sustainability pillars while ensuring that consumers see and hear real-life examples of producer stewardship.

“Trust in Beef will give our industry a platform to showcase the caring and sustainable practices already being used by beef producers and help dispel many myths and false claims associated with beef production,” said Kevin Mobley, executive director, U.S. Cattle Business, Merck Animal Health. “Through our biopharma and animal intelligence portfolio, combined with the expertise of our veterinarians and nutritionists, Merck Animal Health is in a unique position to provide leadership and innovation in the area of environmental sustainability.”

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