Animal Health Summit 1:1 Business Partnering

The digital Animal Health Summit Business Partnering program allows all attendees to take full advantage of business connections accessible during the digital event.  

The Business Partnering program is an instrumental portion of the Animal Health Summit, allowing attendees the opportunity to arrange and pre-schedule 30-minute virtual meetings.

Attendees will receive login information and instructions for creating their individual profile the first week of August. To take full advantage of 1:1 partnering, you will need to be registered by July 30!

Once the login credentials are established, attendees can create an individual profile and begin the process of requesting and scheduling meetings in the Business Partnering program. 

Business Partnering Digital Platform

The online partnering site is fully compatible with Apple and Android phones, as well as tablets and PCs. This allows remote access to attendee profiles, meeting schedules and more. 

Virtual Private Meeting Space

Once a meeting is scheduled, a private video conference room will be assigned. Although most meetings are generally one-to-one, the platform allows attendees to invite colleagues to join a meeting with no maximum limit. Attendees are asked to join their meeting room promptly on time for all scheduled meetings to ensure smooth transitions between scheduled meetings. Attendees will be responsible for acknowledging when time is up and, if applicable, encouraged to move to their next scheduled meeting. 

Help Desk

If trouble occurs, Animal Health Corridor staff will be available to assist from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. CDT during the dates of the digital Animal Health Summit. The schedule, located on the Business Partnering platform, will list all individuals' scheduled meeting times, the people attending the scheduled meeting and the corresponding virtual meeting room. Please contact Animal Health Corridor staff with any questions or concerns by clicking here.

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