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Poultry Science Association (PSA) Early Achievement Award Announced

by BIOMIN | Jul 18, 2019

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, July 18. 2019-Each year the Poultry Science Association (PSA) recognizes and presents an award to an individual whose industry effectiveness is exemplary. The awardee’s contribution must emphasize not only the value contributed, but also the quality of the contribution, demonstrating excellence in the poultry industry.

RMU CroppedDr. Raj Murugesan, Technical Director at BIOMIN America, Inc., was nominated by four industry professionals and awarded the “PSA Early Achievement Award 2019” for his contribution to the betterment of poultry Industry. Raj, a Veterinarian by training, earned an MBA in Marketing and PhD in Nutritional Physiology from Iowa State University. He has 18 years of research and technical service experience in the livestock and poultry industry. Worldwide, he has been invited to present as guest speaker at various scientific conferences and authored several peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Raj joined BIOMIN Asia in 2008 as Technical Sales Manager and moved to BIOMIN America in 2013 as Technical Director. In his current role with BIOMIN, Raj is responsible for regional product development and technical services. Raj has lead various research programs, designed and commercialized products, as well as built a team of experts who provide technical service to producers through on-farm consultancy to uncover and diagnose animal health challenges. His accomplishments have helped BIOMIN grow business in the mycotoxin risk management, as well as in the gut performance space. His dedication to the development of industry has also been demonstrated through various board positions, industry speaking engagements, and trade events.

The PSA Early Achievement Award 2019 was presented to Raj at the PSA Annual Meeting held July 18th in Montreal, Quebec.





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