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CRB uses technology and partnerships to improve the animal health industry

by Animal Health2 | May 17, 2022

CRB has been a service leader in the animal health industry for three decades. With a rapid advance in technology and shifting emphasis on research and alternate vaccination methods, it is vital to maintain flexibility and adaptability for design of manufacturing facilities and supporting infrastructure.  Historically, CRB has used a dedicated biotechnology team approach for staffing animal health projects. While this approach has been successful, the market is becoming more difficult to navigate with increased complexity/regulations, consolidation of clients, more competition, and tighter budgets/timelines. 

The animal health industry is nimble and multifunctional by necessity. While it is typical for a human pharmaceutical plant to make a single dedicated product, the animal health industry can make up to 20+ different products in one production area and 100+ in a single plant.  This has driven CRB to re-imagine the approach to animal health teams and how to address the unique value propositions required in the animal health industry.

CRB has already invested in its next generation of animal health leaders by combining youthful exuberance with engineers who have decades of manufacturing experience. These subject matter experts have walked in the client’s shoes and understand the challenges they face. This unique expertise allows CRB to partner its industry leading experts with a new wave of talent to provide a dedicated, consistent team with a lean approach to delivering projects. This lean method will include a tiered approach for design work completed from Concept to Basis of Design, where the approach can be tailored to the complexity of the project. Projects are fast paced and customized to the client, so the client can make faster decisions to align with their internal funding approval processes – providing a faster project response and a consistent product to the client.  





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