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MWI Animal Health: Providing Veterinary Clinics with the Resources, Support to Meet the Needs of a More Digitally Engaged Pet Owner

by Danni Hammontree | Aug 10, 2021

Submission by: Spencer Breithaupt, vice president of Sales and Supply Chain Solutions, MWI Animal Health

Over the last 18 months, as the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns introduced new operational challenges and pressures, veterinary clinics nationwide have evolved to continue to deliver high-quality pet care. From implementing telehealth services and expanding online pharmacy services to introducing curbside drop-offs and new digital engagement solutions, veterinary practices have transformed the way they operate to ensure pets receive the care they need – all while in a safe environment. As we look ahead, veterinary practices should maintain – and, in some cases, expand – the new workflows to enhance their operations and meet the evolving needs of a more digitally engaged pet owner.

Pet owners today not only seek high-quality pet care, but also increased convenience for where and how they receive other services. Many pet parents prefer to buy medications and products for their animals online – and for the products to be picked up curbside or delivered directly to their home. In fact, online shopping among pet owners increased by nearly 20 percent in the last year, according to the 2021-2022 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey.

As pet parents increasingly want to do more digitally, veterinary practices need more digital solutions to connect with their customers. At MWI Animal Health, we’re making investments to develop our own tech-based services and support and are establishing relationships with companies across the technology industry to build an ecosystem that helps our customers fulfill that need. For example, amid the pandemic, we expanded the suite of digital and eCommerce solutions available to veterinary practices to enable enhanced, remote client communication and support more efficient day-to-day operations. Through our relationships with industry-leading technology companies, MWI offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Home delivery services through Vetsource;
  • Veterinary telehealth services through Petriage and Airvet;
  • Digital, touchless check-in for curbside operations through SnoutID;
  • Hands-free payment plans for curbside service through Scratchpay; and
  • A client engagement platform that integrates with practice management solutions and organizes data, enabling veterinary practices to improve client retention and compliance through AllyDVM, a part of MWI.

While these services add a tremendous value to business operations and client experience, we recognize that many veterinary clinics are overwhelmed right now due, in part, to the growing demand for veterinary care stemming from a surge in pet ownership. Our teams work with practices to implement these services and provide the necessary support so veterinarians can remain focused on what matters the most: caring for their patients and improving health outcomes. In fact, MWI recently made a significant investment to establish a Technology Solution Strategist team to provide enhanced support to its veterinary customers, including helping practices identify technology needs, recommending potential options and working with them to implement the solutions.

Whether it’s a continued expansion of online pharmacy services and e-commerce offerings, or making virtual care a permanent part of their service, we encourage practices to continue to leverage these new technology capabilities to increase convenience, flexibility and accessibility of pet care. Veterinarians who are interested in implementing any of the financing or technology solutions should reach out to their MWI territory manager to schedule an appointment or to set up an appointment with a MWI technology solutions strategist. For more information, veterinarians can also visit https://www.mwiah.com/solutions-and-services.




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