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Norbrook Launches Selarid™ (Selamectin)- Companion Animal Topical Parasiticide

by Danni Hammontree | Feb 20, 2020
Norbrook Launches Selarid™ (Selamectin)- Companion Animal Topical Parasiticide 
Submitted by: Norbrook, Inc.

Norbrook Inc., with North American headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, has released Selarid™ (selamectin), its first topical parasiticide for companion animals. The prescription treatment protects cats and dogs from heartworms, fleas, ear mites and several other pests, and helps make it affordable for pet owners to provide their pets with the preventative treatment, which can often be costly.

“Many pet owners think their pets won’t get heartworms, fleas or other parasites if they don’t go outside very often, so they can skip the preventative treatment to save money. This is especially true for heartworm prevention in cat owners as only five percent of cats are on year-round heartworm prevention,” says Dr. Scott Krick, Technical Service Veterinarian, Norbrook. “The best approach to pests like heartworms, which can be fatal for our pets, is prevention. That’s why Norbrook introduced Selarid. To give pet owners an affordable option so they don’t have to leave their pet’s health to chance.”

Selarid comes in a variety of SKUs for dogs and cats and can be applied on dogs six weeks and older and cats eight weeks and older.

“Norbrook is focused on providing affordable healthcare preventatives and treatments for both the companion animal market as well as the food animal market,” says Steve Schram, vice president, sales and marketing - Americas, Norbrook. “Selarid is just the first product that we’ll be introducing this year, so it’s an exciting time. We’re looking forward to sharing even more good news with veterinarians and animal owners in the near future.”




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