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In the Spotlight Q1 2020 | Stinson LLP

by Danni Hammontree | Feb 20, 2020

Complex legal challenges are best approached with sharp insight and creative solutions. At Stinson LLP, our attorneys combine industry knowledge and business acumen to deliver practical legal guidance to clients of all sizes. Our animal health and nutrition attorneys have long supported the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor and assisted in laying the legal groundwork for the industry’s development. We have represented numerous area animal health companies, industry associations, research organizations and universities.

Our footprint on the animal health industry's infrastructure includes drafting and promoting legislation and working with county and local jurisdictions that have expressed interest in advancing the bioscience industry. Our attorneys’ work with the public and private sectors has yielded a deep understanding of this specialized field.

Stinson attorneys possess the legal insight and technical know-how to help animal health and nutrition clients stay on the path toward innovation and growth. We understand the evolution of taking a new product or method from the initial research stage to the marketplace, but we also understand each client has unique, day-to-day business needs. Stinson offers clients an integrated range of services, including intellectual property issues and the defense of proprietary rights, capital formation, mergers and acquisitions, public companies and securities, licensing, regulatory issues, real estate, and product commercialization.

We have assisted clients in the following technology areas:

  • Animal drugs
  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostics
  • Drug delivery
  • Genomics
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Therapeutics and treatments
  • Vaccines
  • Veterinary devices
  • Veterinary products

Recently, our attorneys represented a private meat processing company in its joint venture with Smithfield Foods, counseled the U.S. subsidiary of an international animal health company in acquisitions, and handled antitrust and Hart Scott Rodino issues for a large grain company. We have also served as  IP counsel for the licensee of a vaccine platform technology in the animal health field, the licensor of an animal feed additive, an early stage life sciences company's spin-out of its technology in the dermatology field, investors in chemical biosynthesis and biofuel technologies, and the seller of a veterinary reference lab.




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