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Corridor Company Spotlight | Huvepharma®

by Laiya Smith | Jun 19, 2018

HUVEPHARMAHuvepharma®, a privately owned Bulgarian, global pharmaceutical company established in 2000, is one of the newest animal health and nutrition companies serving the animal food producing industry. Huvepharma has grown rapidly over the past few years through an intense focus on customer care, product quality, reliability and cutting-edge research and development to meet market demands. Our success has been driven by a team of highly experienced experts who continue to move the company in a strategic direction that is supported by a robust portfolio of solution-oriented products as well as products still to be launched. Huvepharma is committed to leading the industry in innovation and responding to the evolving world of animal health and nutrition.

Huvepharma Global Manufacturing Offices & Peshtera Manufacturing Facility – Peshtera, BulgariaCurrently, the company has established affiliates in the major food producing regions of the world and continues to expand its sales and marketing presence while selling its products in over 100 countries. One of Huvepharma’s core strengths is its extensive manufacturing infrastructure creating a vertically integrated platform to support the rapid growth and ensure the high quality of our branded products. A history rich in fermentation and expertise began in the 1960’s with the establishment of three facilities in Peshtera, Razgrad and Botevgrad, Bulgaria. In addition, the company operates a chemical synthesis facility in Italy, and 5 sites in the US which serve the North American market. Huvepharma is engaged in a significant expansion campaign at its sites in Peshtera & Razgrad, Bulgaria which will result in an increase in capacity by 50%. This expansion will facilitate the increased demand internationally for Huvepharma products.

Huvepharma’s US operations, Huvepharma, Inc., was established in 2005 in Peachtree City, GA and is globally the largest affiliate. Since its inception, the US business has grown at a strong pace through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. The strategy that has driven this success includes a customer focused approach and offering solutions focused on disease prevention and treatment coupled with optimal nutritional practices for improving animal performance. With a diverse portfolio, that includes anticoccidials, antibiotics, biologics, enzymes and nutritionals, we are positioned to meet the needs of all market segments from conventional to antibiotic free. This is an aspect that makes Huvepharma truly unique to the industry.

Huvepharma EOOD Global Headquarters - Sofia, BulgariaHuvepharma’s product lines focus on the poultry, cattle and swine markets. As a leader in coccidiosis management we offer multiple product options from vaccines to ionophores and synthetic coccidiostats for both water and feed applications. Examples of our established brands include ADVENT®, Amprol®, Bio-Cox® and Corid®. Our diverse portfolio ranges from water soluble and feed grade antibiotics to nutritional related products such as probiotics, enzymes and phytobiotics used to ensure optimal digestive health. Huvepharma brands in these categories include Flavomycin®, Chloronex®, R-Pen®, Bio D®, Hostazym®, OptiPhos® and Opti-Bac®.

An example of Huvepharma’s continued commitment to diversify our portfolio and services is the recent acquisition of AgriLabs®. AgriLabs is a well-known and established marketing and distribution company located in the heart of the Corridor with high profile brands Colostrx®, I-Site XP®, MpB Guard®, Pulmo-Guard® and VetGunTM.   By combining AgriLabs’ extensive portfolio and efficient distribution network with our existing business, Huvepharma is able to offer additional solutions and enlarge our market reach. Furthermore, AgriLabs’ subsidiaries; Benchmark Biolabs®, Antelope Valley Bio® and VaxLiant® complement  our existing biological endeavors by having in-house research and development focused on delivering leading biological products. These innovative new resources allow Huvepharma the ability to pursue novel biological solutions for the changing needs of the animal food industry.  

Huvepharma is honored to be part of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. Joining the Corridor will allow Huvepharma to network and cultivate relationships with over 300 leading companies in the animal health industry.  

ADVENT, Amprol, Bio-Cox, Bio D, Chloronex, Corid, Flavomycin, Hostazym, Huvepharma, Opti-Bac, OptiPhos and R-Pen are registered trademarks of Huvepharma EOOD.

AgriLabs, Colostrx, I-Site XP, MpB Guard and Pulmo-Guard are registered trademarks of Agri Laboratories, Ltd.

VetGun is a trademark of SmartVet USA, Inc.

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