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GrowSafe Systems Ltd. Announces Major U.S. Location in KC Animal Health Corridor

by Laiya Smith | Jun 18, 2018

GSLogoGreenGrowSafe recently announced the company has established GrowSafe US; including an assembly, distribution and administration office in the KC area within the KC Animal Health Corridor at 103 James Street in Smithville, Mo. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, GrowSafe delivers advanced technology solutions to the livestock industry. GrowSafe’s KC area facility will assist the company in its expansion plans in the U.S., Mexico and other Latin countries.

GrowSafe will assemble its data collection technology that is designed to help producers select for the most feed efficient genetics in their cattle operation and optimize beef production with lower feed inputs. 

“The GrowSafe Feed Intake system is the ‘Gold standard’ in measuring feed intake with a 10-gram resolution for each individual animal sampling every second. The technology is non-invasive and collects data via an EID tag in the ear of the animal when they are eating out of the GrowSafe bunks.  This is done with virtually no change to feeding behavior vs conventional bunks,” says Todd Firkins, Executive Director of Commercial Operations for GrowSafe.  “With GrowSafe information and data, we enable producers the ability to select for the most feed efficient animals which will deliver more profit to their cattle operation by decreasing feed costs up to 15% and improving feed efficiency and conversion in the calves they produce. Unlike many other technologies, the information we are able to provide our customers increases profit across all producer segments - from the seedstock business, cow/calf producer, stocker operator, feedyard owner; they all reap huge benefits by focusing on more efficient animals-producing more beef with less feed and forage costs.”

GrowSafe’s newest technology is a continuous in-pen weight monitoring system called GrowSafe Beef® that is installed by conventional water tanks. This technology measures each animal’s frequency and duration at the water trough and partial body weight every second. GrowSafe software accurately predicts live weight and projects hot carcass weight from the data capture - assisting customers to reduce variation with optimal marketing strategies.  The data analytics platform also identifies sick and poor performing animals earlier than conventional visual practices saving labor and enhancing animal well being.  The GrowSafe Beef unit includes an automated marking device that can paint mark animals that needed additional attention for easier identification. 

GrowSafe is offering their technology through a Beef Genetics Program for Seedstock and Cow/calf customers and an Optimal Marketing & Health Program for Feedyards. Contact Growsafe.com for more details.

The Kansas City Area Development Council facilitated the site location search for GrowSafe within the KC Animal Health Corridor and was proud to partner with the following organizations in attracting the company to the KC region:

  • City of Smithville, Missouri
  • Clay County Economic Development Corporation
  • State of Missouri
  • Missouri Partnership
  • KCP&L
  • Spire
  • KC Animal Health Corridor





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