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MBF Therapeutics Announces Award of a National Science Foundation Grant to Use the T-Max™ DNA Vaccine Platform to Develop a Next-Generation SARS CoV-2 Vaccine

by Emily McVey | Jan 05, 2022
January 5, 2022

Ambler PA, (NEWSWIRE) – MBF Therapeutics Inc., an immunotherapeutics company using its innovative, proprietary T-Max™ DNA vaccine platform to deliver commercial vaccines that provide safe, durable, broad spectrum protection against endemic, emerging and re-emerging diseases of global concern, today announced the award of a $256,000 Phase I National Science Foundation grant to support development of a protective Next-Generation SARS CoV-2 vaccine designed to prevent disease at the earliest stages of infection that is critical to preventing person-to-person transmission.

The World Health Organization currently reports almost 200 SARS Cov2 vaccines in development. Virtually all of these vaccines share one attribute: they are designed to elicit antibody immunity.  Antibody immunity provides effective protection to individuals by reducing disease severity but does not prevent the transmission among individuals that sustains pandemic conditions and leads to the continuous evolution of infectious viral variants such as SARS CoV2 Delta and Omicron.

MBF Therapeutics is taking a fundamentally different approach to vaccine design using its patented T-Max™ technology platform to develop broad spectrum protective T cell vaccines that prevent disease by eliminating the virus where it first enters the body in the respiratory tract and lungs.

The T-Max™ platform provides consumer-friendly, needle-free, storage stable vaccines that can be cost effectively manufactured and distributed anywhere.

Tom Tillett, CEO of MBFT commented, “The demand for a new approach to vaccine development has never been more evident than it is today, as demonstrated by the continued global negative impact of infectious disease on man and animals.  Coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS, MERS) and influenza viruses are great examples of persistent human pandemic threats. In addition, what we learn from these studies will also advance our African Swine Fever and Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome vaccines in pigs, two of the most serious diseases in swine, representing a serious threat to the world’s food supply. MBFT technology promises a more effective, longer-lasting, polyvalent, readily adaptable and straightforward-to-manufacture vaccine platform to block infection and prevent transmission: a different and disruptive approach to infectious disease management.”

About MBF Therapeutics

MBF Therapeutics is an immunotherapeutics company developing and commercializing proprietary T cell technology for infectious diseases in animals with significant translational applications in human health. The T-Max™ platform elicits mucosal immunity by activating innate and cell-mediated immunity through the administration of antigens that protect against infection and prevent person-to person disease transmission. CaptaVax™ nanoparticles, a proprietary nonviral delivery system licensed from the Southwest Research Institute, provides MBF Therapeutics with a powerful platform technology from which multiple innovative products are being developed for veterinary medicine and human health. For more information, visit



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