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LifeTech Sciences LLC Announces Start of Operations at LifeTech Diagnostics With Covid-19 PCR and Flu A/B Rapid Antigen Testing

by Danni Hammontree | Dec 09, 2020

LifeTech Sciences LLC, a biotech company based in Topeka, Kansas announced the start of operations at its clinical diagnostics division, LifeTech Diagnostics, with Covid-19 PCR and Flu A/B Rapid Antigen testing.

LifeTech Diagnostics initial focus will be on respiratory disease including Covid-19, Flu A/B, RSV and hMPV. The company will employ different testing platforms starting with the “gold-standard” real-time PCR to be followed shortly by Rapid Antigen and Antibody testing within the coming weeks. The molecular tests (including PCR) are considered the "gold standard" because they produce “less” false negative results (patients who are infected, but the test results indicate that they are not). It is important to understand that no one test is 100% accurate and symptomatic people (those who are experiencing symptoms) who test negative, even with a PCR test, are advised to get a new test.

The PCR test is geared toward all patients (with or without symptoms) because of its sensitivity, while the rapid antigen testing is recommended for those with symptoms or those exposed to settings with known positive cases. All tests provided by LifeTech diagnostics will eventually be available either as PCR or Rapid Antigen tests and can be provided as individual tests or in combinations based on the patient’s specific needs. For people who are considering getting a COVID test, LifeTech recommends that they first talk to their health care provider about the available options.

Specifically, for Covid-19 testing, LifeTech has streamlined the testing process, patients can text “Covid” to 785-329-4138 to receive instructions on scheduling a test electronically and eventually also receive notification when the test results are available.

While the initial focus will be on respiratory LifeTech Diagnostics plans to expand and provide testing for sexually transmitted disease, drug testing and cancer diagnostics in due course.

The company will offer different tiers of service to cater for individuals, businesses and local hospitals and health care providers according to Mr. Kyle Dougherty, Business Development Manager at LifeTech Diagnostics. Most importantly, the turnaround times range from “same day” service for samples received before 10:30 am, to the standard 48-hour service. Employers will receive special volume discounts on testing for their employees and the company will provide services that cover 32 counties in northeast Kansas and 7 counties on the Kansas City, Missouri side, “if you can’t come to us, we will come to you”, Dougherty added.

The company accepts health savings and flex spending accounts linked to credit cards and regular credit card payments. LifeTech will also soon accept insurance coverage from national and regional insurance carriers. Mr. Dougherty encouraged interested parties to visit the company’s website at or call 785-224-4775 for further information related to the company or to schedule a test.



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