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Hunt Midwest is Growing the Animal Health Industry in the Midwest

by Laiya Smith | Mar 15, 2018
Hunt Midwest’s SubTropolis recently grew its animal health industry footprint to approximately 300,000 square feet with newly expanded warehousing and distribution operations. Virbac, Ceva Animal Health and IodiTech expanded their operations in the Kansas City region, creating significant capital investment. SubTropolis offers commissioned facilities in its naturally climate controlled environment. SubTropolis is now an active participant of the KC Animal Health Corridor, an organization that represents 56 percent of total worldwide animal health, diagnostics and pet food sales. The initiatives of the KC Animal Health Corridors (KCAHC) have displayed trailblazing efforts towards expanding the animal health industry as a whole.

When Virbac joined the KCAHC In 2017, they had moved to North America to develop their product. The Kansas City Area Developmental Council (KCADC) is the overall organization that KCAHC is sectored in, and had helped in the development of Virbac. The KCADC worked with a number of regional partners in attracting Virbac to the region: Missouri Department of Economic Development; state of Missouri; city of Kansas City, Missouri; Clay County Economic Development Council; KCP&L; Block Real Estate Services, LLC Hunt Midwest; and the KCAHC.

Ceva Animal Health initially leased 36,000 square feet in SubTropolis in 2014, and with the help of the KCADC, Ceva was able to secure incentives. Since that time, Ceva Animal Health has completed two separate expansions and will increase their total GMP compliant warehousing and distribution operation in SubTropolis to 126,000 square feet.

IodiTech, a manufacturing and distribution operation that is based in Kansas City, opened its SubTropolis facility in 2016 to take advantage of the Energy Star rated facility’s central location. IodiTech manufactures and distributes animal feed minerals throughout North America and the world. Kansas City offers 2-day shipping to 90% of the U.S., critically important for today’s commerce.

Combined with the efforts of the KCAHC, Hunt Midwest was able to grow the animal health industry in the Midwest. Through the unmatched flexibility for expansion and natural climate conditions, more development is expected from Hunt Midwest within the animal health industry. 



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