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Celebrating Success: American Royal’s 2023 Annual Report

by Animal Health2 | May 10, 2024

ar-circle-colorA Continued Focus on Championing Food and Agriculture 

In the heart of America's agricultural landscape, the American Royal continues to serve as an example of  excellence in championing food and agriculture. The recently released 2023 Annual Report highlights a  year of remarkable achievements, showcasing the organization's commitment to its purpose, mission  and vision. From scholarships to events and ag education, the American Royal has garnered a record  year.  

With attendees representing 49 states and 18 countries, the American Royal's events have truly become  a global advocate for the agriculture and food industries in 2023. Over 407,000 individuals participated  in person, while an impressive 222,545 engaged virtually, resulting in a total of 629,876 attendees across  379 total event days. 

The American Royal's impact extends far beyond its events, as evidenced by its economic contributions.  In 2023 alone, the organization generated an estimated economic impact of nearly $84 million,  bolstering the local economy and supporting countless businesses. Additionally, 5,793 event volunteer  hours were reached with 395 unique event volunteers getting involved. The American Royal remains  dedicated to nurturing future leaders in agriculture, awarding nearly $651,620 in scholarships to  deserving individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership and academic excellence. 

From the thrill of the Youth and Pro Rodeos to the prestigious Livestock Show, the American Royal's  events captivated audiences of all ages. Notably, the Junior Premium Livestock Auction achieved record breaking success, grossing an impressive $823,500. 

The organization’s spring and fall field trips engage students at the elementary level to connect them  with the science of agriculture. In 2023, 2,733 local second and third grade students attended—a 123%  increase from 2022. Also, the addition of new events such as the Farm to Table dining experience  demonstrates the American Royal's commitment to fostering positive conversations about the diversity  of food and agriculture. 

Reflecting on the achievements of 2023, the American Royal is grateful for the outstanding support  given by the local community, partnering organizations and stakeholders across the globe. With each  event, partnership and scholarship awarded, the organization reinforces its vision of a world where food  and agriculture are celebrated, and all generations are committed to its future. Looking ahead, the 

agricultural community can only anticipate even greater accomplishments in 2024. Learn more about  the American Royal at americanroyal.com





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