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How will you help the next generation of leaders find their future in animal health?

by Animal Health2 | Nov 08, 2023

The race for talent is nothing new. Competition for talent has escalated, as workers across industries increasingly assess opportunities based on higher pay, greater flexibility in when and where they work, and better company culture.

To attract the next generation of talent, we need to:

  1. Tell stories highlighting the meaning, purpose, and impact of animal health.

  2. Build workplace cultures that prioritize employee well-being.

  3. Invest in career development opportunities.

  4. Embrace diversity and inclusion.

  5. Offer flexibility.

However, before our industry has a chance to compete for the next generation of leaders, we must ensure that the youth understand the depth and breadth of careers and opportunities in animal health. The next generation must be as familiar with the breadth of opportunities in animal health and agriculture as they are with being a teacher, a dentist, a doctor, a banker, a nurse, or a veterinarian.

The 96th FFA Convention & Expo was held in Indianapolis from November 1-4, and the AFA Leaders Conference took place in Kansas City from November 9-12. Both annual conferences and conventions provide opportunities for industry leaders to give back and help shape future leaders. However, these are just two examples of conferences, expos, and opportunities to connect with the youth.

As a company leader in animal health planning for 2024, are you mandating your team in a measurable way to spend time with youth organizations or in the classroom?

For our industry to compete in the race for talent, it will take all of us to tell the story of animal health. I encourage everyone in 2024 to be intentional about getting involved with a youth organization, spending time in a classroom, and being part of building the workforce pipeline for all job functions in our industry. The Corridor’s workforce website is just one tool available to help tell the story of animal health.

How will you make a difference in 2024? How will you help the next generation of leaders find their future in animal health?





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