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Why Our Industry Needs a Brand and Why We Need You to BRING IT!

by Animal Health2 | Sep 11, 2023

The importance of the animal health industry cannot be overstated. It touches every aspect of our world. 

We can look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to understand its scope and impact. The famous theory begins with the physiological need for food to survive. Without it, life ceases. Move up a few tiers to the center of the pyramid, and you’ll find love and belonging. That’s where the human-animal bond and a pet’s unconditional love come into the picture. With an industry that so positively affects lives across the world, it is imperative our next generation of talent understand the depth and breadth behind animal health. 

Ask kids between the ages of 8 and 12 what they want to do when they grow up, and you’ll likely hear “veterinarian.” That’s certainly a great career path, but it is a limiting view of our industry if this is all that comes to mind. With the big demands on the industry now and in the future, we need the best and the brightest recruits to join the ranks of animal health. 

Currently, even those in the industry trip over themselves trying to explain it. We need to clear it up to ensure everyone is on the same page telling our exciting story. If not, we risk falling short of meeting the demands of the future.

Understandably, animal health as a business segment is different from an organizational brand, but the need to clearly represent this robust industry is just as important.  

The animal health story can be told with five monumental pillars: data, innovation, technology, science and entrepreneurship. Anyone talking about animal health should always reference for one, data. The animal health industry is data driven, and we need data scientists. Two, innovation. Just look at all the smart devices and point-of-care devices we use daily. Three, it’s an industry driven by technology. Whether it’s in-clinic or track and trace technology, animal health is a technological haven. Four is science. This is an industry that is first and foremost about science. Science that protects us and science that enhances our lives. The fifth pillar is entrepreneurship. The industry is chalk-full of opportunity which is why the Animal Health Corridor has Emerging Company presentations as part of the Animal Health Summit held in Kansas City each year.  

Ultimately, we should be communicating the story of animal health to young generations. This means reaching middle school and high school children, college students and young professionals. We want our story to motivate the upcoming youth and impress upon them all the opportunities that exist in our industry. 

This is where everyone in the industry plays a role. As an industry professional, you need to be able to succinctly share the story of animal health. 

Get involved with FFA, 4-H, AFA, MANRRS, speak at local middle and high schools, reach out to the youth, and make sure they know our industry needs them. 

We need talent in all professional sectors: veterinary, transportation, shipping, retail, pharmaceutical, marketing, technology, legal, machinery, academics, sciences and more. 

Make sure your key message is an invitation to join the industry. Be enthusiastic! Tell the next generation to “Bring themselves to the industry. Bring their innovations. Bring their technology. Bring their science. Bring their entrepreneurship. We’re ready for them to Bring It!”

To help tell the story of animal health and develop a brand for the industry, we have rebranded our workforce website www.exploreahcareers.com. We have also created a video for you to use while speaking to the next generation of talent. Make sure they know about the workforce website designed specifically for them to explore our industry.

As you rally the next generation of professionals, here’s my rally cry to the industry: help us tell the story of animal health! Help us recruit the next generation of talent!

Make sure they are invited to Bring It!





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