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Everyone Has An MVP Moment

by Animal Health2 | Feb 13, 2023

Kansas City is in the middle of a renaissance and the love for our city is on display everywhere you look. The Chiefs are AFC Champions and just won the Super Bowl for the second time in four years.. We are host to the 2023 NFL Draft. The new, long-awaited airport terminal opens February 28, opening up more direct flights. Our industrial market is on fire. Community meetings are being held to evaluate a downtown baseball stadium coupled with a new entertainment district. And our entrepreneurial ecosystem has never been stronger! It’s an exciting time to live and work in Kansas City.

So, how does a region capitalize on the culmination of this much positive momentum? The answer is simple: teamwork. There are many organizations made up of talented people, all working to advance our city and support the various industry sectors that are part of the KC corporate family. Most of the team members working every day will never be publicly recognized for their ideas, creativity, and grit, but they are vital to the success of all that is accomplished. 

Kansas City’s star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, highlighted the importance of teamwork and provided a valuable leadership lesson when he publicly recognized sports trainer Julie Frymeyer. He tweeted, “Julie WAS the reason I was the guy I was on the field today! It takes everyone, but she led the charge all week!!! Now let’s get Super Bowl ready!!”.

As a leader it is important to consistently and at times publicly recognize your team. Every teammate plays a role in being who you are as a leader. Sometimes it’s the trainer who is literally holding your performance together. Other times it is a veteran providing another record-breaking performance or a rooky who has a breakout performance at just the right time. As a leader, it is important, and I believe, vital to use your platform to recognize and praise your teammates for their successes, achievements and accolades. Everyone has MVP moments. If you want team members who want to work for you, it’s important to recognize those moments. 

My friend and colleague Emily McVey is our MVP. I am the leader I am because of her, and the Corridor and KC are better because of her tireless work. I am so very proud of her recent recognition as a 40 Under 40 award winner. Congratulations, Em!





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