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VETTY Best in Show Award goes to previous Spirit of Service Award Winner New Horizon Ranch

by Animal Health2 | Jan 10, 2023

The Animal Health Corridor is pleased to announce its VETTY Best in Show Award for a video featuring the former Spirit of Service Award Winner New Horizon Ranch. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the VETTY Awards® are the only Animal Health Marketing Awards Competition in the nation. Introduced to the North American Veterinary Community in 2017, the VETTYs recognize and reward the marketing and promotional efforts created on behalf of organizations in the animal health industry. The VETTYs are highly competitive due to the vibrant and expansive nature of the animal health industry, which is why the Corridor is so honored to win Best in Show for its New Horizon Ranch video. 

The Best in Show Award is presented to the piece of promotional content that delivers the overall highest scoring among entries. It is truly an honor and we couldn’t be happier that New Horizon Ranch is given additional visibility to its mission through this award.

New Horizon Ranch, Inc. is a therapeutic horseback riding center in Rantoul, Kansas, that has offered stability and connection to children with special needs or challenging pasts. They have changed many lives through the power of animals and won the Corridor’s Spirit of Service Award in 2019. 


The Spirit of Service award grants financial support to organizations that serve the most vulnerable in our community through a connection with animals. The missions of these organizations have never been more important and they deserve to have their stories shared and support in their efforts. However, if the organization is not nominated, it cannot win these additional funds or publicity. If you are involved with or know of an organization that utilizes the human-animal bond to help the community, nominate them for a Spirit of Service Award. Doing so only takes a few minutes and can help the organization have a greater impact. 




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