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Meet The Chair, Caroline Belmont

by Animal Health2 | Jan 05, 2023
CarolineWhat about the mission of The Corridor excites you most?
I’m excited by the opportunity to contribute to the continuing expansion of the Corridor; attracting more people, developing local talent and expanding innovation in the region. Animal health is a very diverse area that connects and includes more industries than ever. I see great potential in the Corridor to continue this growth and development, further establishing the region’s attractiveness.

What do you think is the most crucial role of the Chair of the board?
It is an honor to publicly represent the Corridor on behalf of Boehringer Ingelheim and the local AH industry as Chair and work closely with Kim and Emily to further the mission. I envision one of the key roles of the Chair as connecting individuals and groups to advance these goals. Together, we can do so much more than individually.

What inspired you to enter the animal health industry?
Easy. A passion for animals from childhood! Not just pets, but also birds, livestock and horses. I don’t think there has been a single day in my life where animals or birds have not featured heavily. I am also fascinated with agriculture in general, and how we feed the world in a sustainable way for the long- term future. Animal health is such a diverse and interconnected industry. There are new things to learn every single day.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned so far while being a Corridor board member?
The power of the local Corridor Network and the opportunities and connections it facilitates. There is a wealth of talented and innovative people in our area and by working together we can continue to advocate for and develop our region for future success, create opportunities for innovation, and attract skilled people in our industry.

I am especially passionate about the Corridor’s role in developing a skilled and diverse workforce as a pathway for both increasing the desirability of the region to industry and providing opportunities for young professionals to learn, work and stay in the area.

Tell us about the animal in your life that has impacted you most? What was their name? How old were you? What lesson did you learn from them?
When I moved to the USA in 2003, I really wanted to own my first horse. He was a bay shire draft horse called ‘Sonrise Supreme Commander’ but his barn name was Special – and he was. We were partners on trail rides and at clinics and exhibitions for a number of years, and we shared a close bond even though I had other horses. He was rather neglected when I found him, and he was not in perfect health. Sadly, he developed serious lameness issues in his mid-teens which proved to be untreatable. For the first time, I had to make the ultimate decision to have him euthanized. There truly is a time when you recognize your responsibilities to an animal friend, especially when you share a close bond.

What do you look forward to most as Chair of the Corridor board?
Leading Innovation teams, I always look forward to interacting with companies and entrepreneurs during the annual Innovation Summit. I would also like to ensure we make good use of our combined knowledge and ‘pay it forward’ to sell the strengths and diversity of the region and this wonderful industry to the next generation of animal health professionals. Encouraging STEM education from an early age continues to be a critical success factor for the industry.

What excites you the most about the future of the animal health industry?
The opportunities for innovation in animal health are increasing exponentially and often in non-traditional and exciting ways such as in IT, data and diagnostics. This is really encouraging for the future of the industry in the long term, both for livestock producers and pet owners and adds a whole new dimension to the industry. In my case it continually provides opportunities to learn and grow.

Closing thoughts from Caroline
I have spent my entire career in the animal health industry. With a strong Regulatory background, I have licensed just about all types of animal health products in all global markets. From blockbusters to niche products in exotics, it has been a fascinating journey at a time when the industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated. I’m also very proud of being an integral part of building successful R&D and Regulatory organizations in various large integration projects. In animal health, there is never a dull moment. The variety and diversity of the industry continues to increase rapidly, ultimately bringing interesting new options and solutions to the market for treating our animal patients.




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