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A New Year Provides New Opportunities and Perspectives

by Animal Health2 | Jan 06, 2023

With each passing year in the animal health industry, our community grows, learns and adapts. The things we can do as a group of informed and impassioned individuals only continues to transform our landscape and inspire our industry. 

That’s why we’re thrilled with the enthusiasm and ideas that our new board members will contribute to the Animal Health Corridor this year. While we are sad to see our previous board members go, we are grateful for their passion and heartfelt contributions over the years. And they can rest easy knowing the person filling their shoes is up for the task. 

In addition to Caroline Belmont joining our team as Chairwoman and Matt Musselman as Vice Chair this 2023, we are excited to announce three new members of our board. 

Julia Loew of MWI Animal Health will be replacing Spencer Breithaupt after his well-earned retirement in December. Julia is an experienced commercial leader with a wide array of unique skills that will serve the AHC well. 

Bob Miller of Nestlé will join the board after he moves to Kansas City. He will be taking over the PetCare Center in St. Joseph, Missouri. Bob will be replacing Abby Johnson who has relocated to St. Louis and is now moving onto different opportunities with Nestlé.

Shanonn Kellner of Merck Animal Health will be joining the board and providing us all with a wealth of knowledge and leadership after decades of service in the industry. He will be replacing Scott Bormann who has loyally served the board for more than 10 years. 

Each of these individuals has an inspiring history in our industry filled with unique situations, problem solving and ideas to better our community. We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us all with them on our team.  




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