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Conversations with Kimberly: Philanthropy Inspires.

by Animal Health2 | Oct 14, 2022

Ask someone in animal health why they got into this industry and you’ll usually get the same answer: the people and the animals. Animals are our passion, and for many, our calling. It’s what drives our industry. It’s also what motivates some to dedicate their lives to the species that can’t speak for themselves. I’m referring, of course, to those who go above and beyond to help animals through philanthropic avenues. 

A few weeks back, we brought together past recipients of the Spirit of Service award for a luncheon in which we honored their contributions. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Spirit of Service Award acknowledges not-for-profit organizations that exhibit exceptional work in the community by leveraging the human-animal bond. Winners receive a monetary donation to further aid their organization’s mission and the recognition they greatly deserve.

Sitting at that Luncheon, surrounded by four upstanding organizations—all of whom have significantly impacted the lives of animals and humans for the better—it hit me: one person can make a difference. And when we come together to support a single objective, our impact grows.

Despite barriers, each of these organizations saw a problem and created a solution. The impact may have started small but they persevered. They made changes that only expanded with their determination and the growing support of others. 

The Animal Health Corridor is made up of thousands of remarkable people on a mission to better our industry. And when we work together, one passionate person's impact can explode. I am extremely proud to work with and for the animal health industry and am inspired by the work of not-for-profits working to make the world better for the most vulnerable through the human-animal bond. 





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