KC's Agricultural Heritage

Kansas City’s historical strength in agricultural markets helped to lay the groundwork for its current leadership position in animal health.

Stock Yards


The Kansas City Stock Yards were established in 1871 and were second only to Chicago as a livestock and provision market. Kansas City grew to become one of the great stockyards of the world, and today that heritage continues through the region’s strength in a variety of agricultural markets. It was this history and heritage that led to the development of the region’s top-tier veterinary schools, as well as both Kansas and Missouri’s top ten position in America’s livestock industries.

American Royal & Ag Hall of Fame


No event better captures KC’s agricultural heritage than the 
American Royal livestock show and rodeo. The American Royal has been a Kansas City tradition since its founding in 1899 to support agricultural education and values. Plus, KC is home to the Agricultural Hall of Fame – a national agricultural center chartered by Congress to honor the American farmer.

Transportation Facilities


Kansas City was founded as a transportation center and gateway to western expansion. Stock yards and agricultural growth continued in transportation and distribution. Sixteen railroads converged in Kansas City switched directly to KC’s stockyards. Transportation/logistics continues to provide Kansas City with an advantage in today’s markets, with KC being the top rail center in tonnage in the U.S. and the nation’s No. 3 trucking center. For more information on KC’s superior transportation and logistics capabilities, please visit the 
Kansas City SmartPort web site.

KC's Agricultural Heritage

Logistical Advantages

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