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2016 Award Recipient | Dr. William P. Duncan

by User Not Found | Aug 19, 2016

Duncan Bill webFollowing retirement as President of the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute (KCALSI), Dr. Duncan now provides independent consulting services to private sector companies, academic institutions, and research organizations in support of specific projects focused on animal health, and life sciences/biotechnology research and development.

In February 2001 Dr. Duncan was appointed as the first President of KCALSI and served in that capacity until retirement in April 2009. At KCALSI he was responsible for overseeing the Institutes regional life sciences initiatives, including the articulation of KCALSI’s vision to the various community, scientific stakeholder institutions, and potential funding organizations. Dr. Duncan also provided administrative and technical leadership while supporting and fostering collaborations within the stakeholder research community while consistently promoting the Institute’s goals and objectives. Example initiatives included working with civic leadership organizations and stakeholder institutions to establish the Animal Health Corridor and subsequently pursuing the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility at Kansas State University.

Prior to the appointment at KCALSI, Dr. Duncan served in various technical/management positions at MRIGlobal during a 20+ year tenure of service that concluded with the position as VP, Operations from 1999-2001.

Currently Dr. Duncan serves on the Board of Directors of three animal and/or human health companies and on the Advisory Board of KCUMB. Previously, Dr. Duncan has served as a board member of KansasBio, MOBIO and a number of civic leadership organization boards and advisory committees.  Member of numerous professional associations and organizations.

Dr. Duncan resides with his wife Lynda in Olathe, KS and has three grown daughters.

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