2017 Iron Paw Recipient | Rich Shuler

Rich Shuler-B2 (2)President and CEO of Shuler Consulting Services and is focused on working with companies in the area of innovation, planning, and execution. Rich has over 40 years of experience in creating and building successful businesses and developing a strong market position for their products and services. He has worked with a variety of businesses, producer organizations, churches, and universities to develop long range strategic plans and organizational structure. Rich also assists businesses in acquiring products and technologies that fit the company’s strategic focus. 

Rich has led the turnaround of several struggling companies and created several successful companies. He had the pleasure of assisting with the development of many outstanding leaders that are in key management positions in the industry today.  Rich is recognized by his peers as an innovative leader who has successfully lead companies into new markets and differentiated their products and services. Rich feels privileged to have many of his former team members create their own businesses and become very successful.

Rich’s family:

  • Married 50 years to Sharon Douglas Shuler - met in college
  • Two sons: Dr. Scott Shuler (wife Dr. Carrie Shuler) of Portland, Oregon and Joel Shuler (wife Lisiane) of Lavras, Brazil/Austin, TX and has four grandchildren - Aidan (12 yrs.), Nathan (9 yrs.), Ann (5 yrs.), and Luca (4 yrs.)
  • Scott owns a successful veterinary practice and Joel has his own coffee roasting business and is a coffee consultant

Overview:  ​

  • Rich holds a B.S. in Animal Science from Iowa State University and an M.S. in Meat Science from the University of Nebraska.
  • He is an Iowa State Animal Science Hall of Fame Winner, holds an Honorary American FFA Degree, and is a member of Gamma Sigma Delta. Rich served on the Iowa 4H Foundation Board, the National FFA Foundation Board, the National Cattlemen’s Foundation Board, and the National Cattlemen's Executive Committee.
  • Rich has been very active in the US beef industry and was the Facilitator of Beef Industry Long-Range Planning Team - this team was named by Beef Magazine as one of the "top 40" who have contributed to building today's dynamic and exciting beef industry.
  • Board Advisor to ITLogica - an Information Technology services firm
  • Board Member of the Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum Technology Selection Committee 2013, 2014, 2015,  2016, 2017
  • Board Member of the National Cattlemen’s Foundation
  • Rich is an Elder and serves as Chairman of the Stewardship team for the Johns Creek Presbyterian Church of Johns Creek, GA.

Companies Rich helped to create:​​

  • Pro Vet of Loves Park –established a veterinary animal health distribution business.
  • VetLife – initially a startup technology company that later became a pharmaceutical business.
  • Ivy Animal Health – President-CEO- took a generic family business and helped develop novel differentiated technologies.
  • Founded Ivy Natural Solutions – new business to meet market needs for non-antibiotic alternatives for performance, health, and food safety.
  • AgSpan- Analytics, big data company –President-CEO - initially a joint venture between Ivy Animal Health and Friona Industries and later acquired by Ivy - became the largest analytic cattle databases known as the Benchmark Performance Program.
  • One of the Founders/Investors - AGL-Vetrax - an on-animal sensor and cloud analytics solution that provides a “voice” for animals. 
  • Currently President & CEO of Shuler Consulting Services
  • Serves as a Board Advisory to ITLogica - an Information Technology services firm
  • Serves as Vice President of Casa Brasil Coffees and is an investor in this Austin, Texas upscale coffee roasting company

2016 Award Recipient | Dr. William P. Duncan

Duncan Bill webFollowing retirement as President of the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute (KCALSI), Dr. Duncan now provides independent consulting services to private sector companies, academic institutions, and research organizations in support of specific projects focused on animal health, and life sciences/biotechnology research and development.

In February 2001 Dr. Duncan was appointed as the first President of KCALSI and served in that capacity until retirement in April 2009. At KCALSI he was responsible for overseeing the Institutes regional life sciences initiatives, including the articulation of KCALSI’s vision to the various community, scientific stakeholder institutions, and potential funding organizations. Dr. Duncan also provided administrative and technical leadership while supporting and fostering collaborations within the stakeholder research community while consistently promoting the Institute’s goals and objectives. Example initiatives included working with civic leadership organizations and stakeholder institutions to establish the Animal Health Corridor and subsequently pursuing the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility at Kansas State University.

Prior to the appointment at KCALSI, Dr. Duncan served in various technical/management positions at MRIGlobal during a 20+ year tenure of service that concluded with the position as VP, Operations from 1999-2001.

Currently Dr. Duncan serves on the Board of Directors of three animal and/or human health companies and on the Advisory Board of KCUMB. Previously, Dr. Duncan has served as a board member of KansasBio, MOBIO and a number of civic leadership organization boards and advisory committees.  Member of numerous professional associations and organizations.

Dr. Duncan resides with his wife Lynda in Olathe, KS and has three grown daughters.


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