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Tags: Feed & Additives Poultry Biomin launches first water-soluble solution against fumonisins, introduces poultry gel drop

Mar 15, 2019 - Animal Pharm
By Daniel Willis

Austrian animal nutrition company Biomin has launched FUMzyme sol, which it claims is the first water-soluble purified enzyme that degrades fumonisins into non-toxic metabolites.

Fumonisins are produced by Fusarium proliferatum and F verticilloides, and mostly contaminate corn and corn by-products. The fungal toxins are known to have a damaging impact on food-producing animals, including impeding growth, predisposing them to disease and contributing to a disturbance of gut integrity.

FUMzyme sol uses enzymatic bio-transformation to counteract fumonisins in the gastrointestinal tract of animals. It is designed to be sprayed on extruded feeds.

FUMzyme is Biomin's patented purified enzyme, which is used in the company's Mycofix range of products.

Biomin developed FUMzyme sol as a novel post-extrusion spray application in response to customer requests. This required a concentrated formulation that is 200 times more powerful than Mycofix – Biomin claims just five grams of FUMzyme sol has the same efficacy as 1kg of Mycofix Focus.

The company conducted in vitro and in vivo experiments on FUMzyme sol, which showed the water-soluble solution converted 60 parts per million of fumonisin B1 into the non-toxic metabolite after only 15 minutes.

Ursula Hofstetter, head of global product management mycotoxins at Biomin, commented: "Fumonisins and mycotoxins in general are becoming a concern for the animal protein industry due to the higher inclusion of plant protein sources in diet formulations.

"FUMzyme sol offers feed and livestock producers a targeted method to counteract fumonisins in extruded feed using proven and reliable proprietary technology. Conventional mycotoxin binders are not sufficient to protect animals against fumonisin-contaminated feed. The FUMzyme technology specifically targets fumonisins and quickly renders them non-toxic.

"With this development, Biomin becomes the only company to bring robust mycotoxin risk management to the post-extrusion stage of feed processing."

According to a recent mycotoxin survey by Biomin, fumonisins occur in 80% of all corn analyzed globally. The survey also highlighted the occurrence of fumonisins is growing due to global warming and cases of extreme weather.

The company previously offered its support for a three-year project that aims to tackle mycotoxin-related food safety issues in sub-Saharan Africa.

Poultry gel treatment

Additionally, Biomin has introduced PoultryStar Hatchery to the Asia Pacific market. This product is a gel drop application that supports gastrointestinal health development in day-old chicks.

PoultryStar Hatchery uses standardized gel droplets to deliver specific probiotic bacterial strains with a prebiotic, which selectively stimulate bacteria that are vital for good poultry gut health.

According to Biomin, PoultryStar has been shown to improve flock performance, resulting in higher weight and lower losses, increased flock weight uniformity and reduced feed conversion ratios compared to control diets.

Luis Valenzuela, product manager at Biomin, stated: "One day can make the difference as to which bacteria colonize the gut first. PoultryStar Hatchery minimizes post-vaccination stress, stimulates early feeding behavior and seeds the gut with specific bacteria for a strong start

"With PoultryStar Hatchery, we have built upon the existing success of PoultryStar by creating a gel drop application that supports gastrointestinal health development from day one."

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