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New platform for women in animal health to be hosted at VMX

Jan 30, 2018 - Animal Pharm
By Joseph Harvey
Animal Pharm
January 30, 2018

US-based communications firm Germinder + Associates has created another outlet for women to celebrate success in the animal health industry.

Germinder + Associates specializes in the animal health sector and is launching 'Power of Pink: A Personal Story' – an initiative focused on women's storytelling. The event will be part of the firm's 20th anniversary

Germinder + Associates now has a new logo that illustrates the owner's personal story. It's pink color highlight's the company's heritage as a woman-owned business, while it also honors victims and survivors of breast cancer. Lea-Ann Germinder passed her five-year breast cancer survivor mark in December 2017. 

"Celebrating our 20th anniversary year at a time of renewed discussion of women's issues is incredible timing. I didn't launch this company to define myself as a woman leader but here I am, 20 years on, with something to say about my experience as a businesswoman – the challenges and the triumphs," said Ms Germinder, who is also founder of GNFP Digital.

"The logo is part of my story. I wasn't ready to be public about my battle with breast cancer right after Superstorm Sandy in New York. I broke my leg walking my two rescue dogs at the same time. With the help of others, I toughed it out, ran a business and am very fortunate it worked out.

"This new logo is my way of saying we are not only woman-owned but I've also won some battles too. It feels pretty good to be able to say that."

In 1998, Ms Germinder began donating to charity through the Germinder Giving Back Program. Now, 20 years later, Germinder + Associates has set aside a new fund of $27,500. The first recipient is The Weill Cornell Breast Center at the Weill Cornell Medical College/New York Presbyterian Hospital, which is the multi-disciplinary care center where Ms Germinder was treated.

Ms Germinder said: "Another recipient is the Clara Goy Foundation in memory of my brother-in-law, Gene Melleno – a girl's high school basketball coach who passed away January 1, 2018."

The event will announce further donations and will be hosted at the company's affiliated Goodnewsforpets Booth 3342 at the inaugural VMX 2018 conference, February 3-7, 2018. VMX is the new name for the North American Veterinary Conference.

The event is just another example of recognition of women in the animal health industry. The Feather in Her Cap award will take place at a dinner on February 5, 2018, at the Orlando Museum of Art, in Orlando, Florida.

Last year, in Kansas City, female leaders spoke about gender challenges and the dearth of high-ranking women in animal health.

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