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KCALSI rebrand to underline One Health focus

Jul 13, 2018 - Animal Pharm
By Joseph Harvey
Animal Pharm
July 13, 2018

The Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute (KCALSI) is to be renamed BioNexus KC – a rebranding that highlights the organization's work in both animal and human health.

Established in 2001, KCALSI is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates regional life sciences initiatives. As part of its remit, the institute fosters relationships between the academic and private sector life sciences communities. It also assists scientific collaborative research by identifying funding opportunities, proposal review facilitation, resource allocation and maintaining accountability.

An example of this work is 1Data – an initiative aimed at accelerating innovation in animal health. KCALSI is a partner for the 1Data project.

Last year, KCALSI's One Health work was backed by funding from The Hall Family Foundation.

Between 2007 and 2015, the KCALSI grant program awarded 69 grants totalling over $3.3 million. The grants are reviewed by the National Institutes of Health and increase researchers' chances to successfully compete for follow-on federal funding.

KCALSI said over the nine years, more than $30.1m has been returned to the Kansas City region – where the KC Animal Health Corridor is located – in federal funding, equalling a 9:1 return on investment.

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