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Huvepharma releases new cattle vaccine in US

Oct 08, 2018 -
By Daniel Willis

Bulgarian firm Huvepharma has introduced a conditionally-licensed vaccine for the prevention of pinkeye in cattle caused by Moreaxella bovoculi to the US market.

The company has paired M bovis bacterin, which provides protection with eight specific isolates and a simple syringeable adjuvant, with I-Site XP – a well-known AgriLabs vaccine. Huvepharma said the new vaccine will enable veterinarians to expand their prevention protocol for the best coverage of the disease.

The vaccine, named Moraxella Bovoculi Bacterin, will be available for purchase through the AgriLabs and Huvepharma distribution network.

Sean O'Hare, executive vice president of AgriLabs, said: "Controlling pinkeye has always been a top concern for cattle producers which is why we've devoted so much effort into developing and delivering quality vaccines to combat a disease that costs the industry more than $150 million annually.

"The addition of this conditionally licensed Moraxella bovoculi vaccine allows AgriLabs to offer a full complement of pinkeye prevention solutions to address this critical disease. Additionally, the new M bovoculi vaccine simplifies the process for veterinarians because it is immediately available."

This latest product launch further boosts Huvepharma's coverage in the US and utilizes the firm's acquisition of AgriLabs.

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