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ELIAS begins significant funding round to assist canine cancer studies

Aug 13, 2018 - Animal Pharm
By Sian Lazell

US firm ELIAS Animal Health is currently raising its first institutional round of financing to advance the development of its canine cancer immunotherapy.

The business recently discussed positive findings from a preliminary study of its immunotherapy against canine osteosarcoma.

Following the results, chief executive Tammy Wahaus explained to Animal Pharm how ELIAS would specifically be using the $4-5 million it is hoping to raise.

She said: "With these results in hand, we are well positioned to aggressively move forward with our plans to commercialize this important new treatment option for dogs diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

"Our ongoing financing round of $4-5m will be used to fund a larger clinical study of osteosarcoma in dogs and – since this approach is a platform technology – other preliminary studies targeting additional cancers. Importantly, it will also allow us to rapidly expand the availability of the product in the marketplace.

"We are pleased to have potential investors who view this as a disruptive technology with the potential to treat multiple types of cancer in a market segment that hasn’t seen significant advancements in decades."

The firm told Animal Pharm it has previously raised $4.2m from individuals, family offices and angel investor networks, including Kansas City-based Mid America Angel Investors. This includes $800,000 of funding last year.

ELIAS said part of the money form the latest round will be used to back a move to a larger manufacturing facility. The location of this facility has not yet been determined but the company anticipates staying in the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, where its headquarters are based.

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