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Bayer launches digital BRD management tool

Sep 04, 2018 - Animal Pharm
By Sain Lazell

Bayer Animal Health has introduced a new digital tool to support management decisions for bovine respiratory disease (BRD).

The i-COWNT BRD online comparison tool is intended to help cattle veterinarians make scientific evidence-based decisions regarding antibiotic treatment of BRD.

i-COWNT BRD is based on an independent mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis of 98 BRD treatment studies. It is designed to simplify the analysis of scientific data to enable veterinarians to select the most effective antibiotic for treatment using a calculator interface. The tool is expected to help improve treatment outcomes in addition to contributing to responsible antibiotic use.

BRD is the most significant infectious disease impacting the cattle industry. Bayer explained even with current tools and strategies, treating BRD remains a challenge.

Almut Hoffmann, head of farm animal products marketing at Bayer, said: "Antibiotics are vital for both human and animal health, and they should always be used responsibly and only when needed. It is important to use the right antibiotic in the necessary dose and for the appropriate duration for the treatment of bacterial infections.

"This is why we developed i-COWNT BRD – a digital tool that puts scientific data at veterinarians' fingertips, enabling them to select the most effective antibiotic needed for treatment of BRD in a specific cattle herd."

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