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How to Work With the FDA

Kristin KaplanKristin Kaplan, J.D.
Of Counsel | Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

It’s no secret that the Biden Administration, like all others, will want to make its own mark on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This could mean a rollback of regulations from the previous administration, changes to regulations and how the agency exercises enforcement discretion, or new regulations in certain areas.  Any of these actions will ultimately impact business. How to navigate these changes can often feel like a black box.  Hear practical insight from Shook, Hardy & Bacon attorney Kristin Kaplan, who spent a decade at the FDA and in-house at an animal health company. You’ll learn about potential changes and priorities in the new administration along with tips on how to prepare and engage with the FDA.

From “cruelty-free” to “sustainable”; What Does it Mean and How Do You Capture Public Sentiment Without Exposing Your Company?

Michael AnnisMichael Annis
Partner | Husch Blackwell

Consumers interest in social issues are impacting purchasing decisions, particularly in how their food is grown and produced. In the animal health industry, advertising concepts including terms like “happy cows”, “cage-free eggs” and “sustainably sourced” are facing legal claims from consumers, competitors and regulators alike. In this presentation, Food & Agribusiness partner for Husch Blackwell Mike Annis will examine the current state of false advertising claims direct to the animal health and production industries and those on the likely horizon as sellers attempt to attract consumers who are concerned with the issues of humanely and sustainably-sourced products.

Telehealth: A Bridge to The Future of Pet Care

Kerri & DogDr. Kerri Marshall, DVM, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors | Nanoport Technologies, LLC

Telehealth is not only changing the landscape of human healthcare - but also shaping the future of veterinary care.  It is forcing veterinarians to expand their business model and embrace the demands of pet parents and clients alike. What does this mean for the future of veterinary medicine? How will businesses change and adapt? Join Dr. Kerri Marshall to learn more about her insights on this pressing topic

Regulatory Update- Cell-Based Meats + OTC Animal Products + CBD + Feed Additives

Emily Lyons HeadshotEmily Lyons, JD
Senior Associate Attorney | Husch Blackwell LLP

Animal Nutrition for Health: How Novel Animal Feed Ingredients Are Regulated and Changing the Animal Health Industry

Animal health companies provide a wide variety products, but traditional animal pharmaceutical companies are looking more at novel feeds additives as consumers push for less antibiotic use in the livestock industry. This session will provide an overview of how these ingredients are regulated by FDA, AAFCO and states, as well as what your animal health company needs to know to enter into the growing area of the animal health industry. 

Cell-Based Meat is Coming, What the Ag Industry Can Expect

As cell-based meats grow in popularity and receive more capital from investors across the globe, cellular agribusiness companies need to be aware of future regulatory run-ins. This presentation will explore these potential regulatory issues and also cover the impact that cell-based meats could have on the agriculture industry as a whole. 

OTC Animal Products: Regulatory Hurdles & Recent Developments

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act gives the FDA legal authority to approve and regulate drugs for animals. Animal health companies looking to market new OTC animal drugs need be aware of the regulatory hurdles that they may face when bringing their product to the marketplace. This presentation will provide an overview of the regulations and recent developments at the FDA and other regulatory bodies. 

CBD & Animal Health: Grey Area or Green Light?

The CBD petcare market is one of the fastest-growing CBD verticals, however the market still lacks FDA approval. This presentation will cover the regulatory grey areas that this industry faces and provide predictions for what the future regulatory landscape will look like for CBD petcare and other animal health producers.

Precision (Livestock) Farming Feeds the Future

Emily Aston HeadshotDr. Emily Aston, DVM, PhD
Science Advancement Manager | TechAccel

Precision farming solutions are progressing rapidly to address the increasing global demand for food. This webinar will address major innovations in crop sciences and animal production in the context of each industry's critical needs and barriers to commercial adoption. Explore how technologies applied in plant agriculture can be leveraged for animal production, while highlighting the unique challenges inherent in different animal production industries.

An Overview of NBAF's Enhanced Capabilities

Ken Burton _staff photo (1)Dr. Kenneth Burton, DVM
NBAF Coordinator | USDA National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF)

The mission of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, or NBAF, which will be owned and operated by USDA once construction is complete, is to protect the U.S. against transboundary, emerging, and zoonotic animal diseases that threaten our food supply, agricultural economy, and public health. In order to accomplish this mission, NBAF will host several research units to assist with diagnostics, vaccine and countermeasure development, training and much more. During this presentation, Dr. Burton will give a brief overview of NBAF's enhanced capabilities that will contribute to our nation's efforts in controlling animal disease and protecting our agriculture.

How to Win Investor Capital

Lydia 4c.pngLydia Kinkade
Managing Director | iiM

Raising investor capital can be tricky. Learn more about what investors look for when evaluating animal health companies, how to prepare for the fundraising process, and tips and tricks for crafting the perfect pitch.

Partnering for Innovation

AMoring headshot

Anisha Moring, DVM     

Director, Business Development 
Boehringer Ingelheim

Jolyon 1

Jolyon Martin, DVM
Head of Business Development
PetMedix Ltd 

Partnership is nothing new to the animal health industry. Hear the perspectives on advancing science through partnership and the keys to successful collaboration first hand from Anisha Morning, Director of Business Development with Boehringer Ingelheim and Jolyon Martin, Head of Business Development with PetMedix.  

Meeting Consumer Needs in a Changing World

1516232880338Doug Yoder
Senior Director, Pet Retail, Category and Shopper Insights | Elanco

Putting the consumer first and understanding their needs is critical to success in today’s complex. Needs continue to evolve in both retail and clinic environments. 
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