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Merck unveils new RNA vaccine tech production platform

Jun 12, 2018 - Animal Pharm

By Sian Lazell 
Animal Pharm
June 12, 2018 

Merck Animal Health has strengthened its vaccine portfolio with the addition of a new RNA particle technology.

The Sequivity Technology production platform has been developed to create flexible, safe and precise vaccines to target new and evolving diseases in both livestock and companion animals.

Sequivity is a technological advance within the company's existing vaccine portfolio, enabling the firm to rapidly and precisely choose the gene of interest to produce specific antigens for the production of commercially available and/or custom-tailored vaccines.

Sequivity uses an electronic gene sequence, which is synthesized into RNA and inserted into the Sequivity platform, generating RNA particles. When injected into an animal, the particles signal immune cells to translate the sequence into proteins which act as antigens.

Merck explained modern vaccine technologies such as Sequivity or biotechnology vaccines are playing a growing role in pharmaceutical, vaccine and diagnostic discovery in animal health. It explained these technologies provide greater options for application, facilitating administration and enhancing animal welfare.

Sequivity has been designed to enable newly developed vaccines to be used as preventatives to minimize the effects of disease and be targeted for specific disease strains and mutations that are unique to a specific country or region, in addition to providing the ability to respond to unmet and emerging disease outbreaks quickly and more efficiently.

Joe Roder, technical services manager at Merck, said: "By producing herd-specific custom vaccines, the technology enables producers and veterinarians to tackle animal health issues quickly and safely.

"Since diseases differ around the world, the technology allows us to diagnose specific disease risks and take a targeted approach to disease control, depending on the exact needs of the country or region."

Merck recently gained supplemental approval for its Nuflor injectable from the US FDA, after a new residue level was established for the product. Merck is known as MSD Animal Health outside of North America. 

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