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Merck increases US swine vaccine output for ileitis

Apr 06, 2018 - Animal Pharm

By Malcolm Flanagan
Animal Pharm
April 6, 2018

Merck Animal Health has boosted US production of its injectable vaccine for ileitis in swine.

The company said "strong demand has confirmed that veterinarians and pork producers value the Porcilis Ileitis product as a solution in helping improve the health of growing pigs". 

Porcilis Ileitis is the first injectable vaccine that offers a 20-week duration of immunity for control of ileitis caused by Lawsonia intracellularis.

Ileitis affects the smaller intestine of pigs. Merck's vaccine Ileitis controls the disease, reduces colonization of L intracellularis and reduces duration and concentration of fecal shedding. Results of a challenge study showed Porcilis Ileitis was also able to induce L intracellularis antibody titers and control both gross and microscopic lesions.

The product was launched in the US in 2015. Given as a single intramuscular vaccination to pigs as young as three weeks of age, the Porcilis Ileitis vaccine "provides substantially longer protection of 13 additional weeks" when compared to a "water-administered vaccine on the market".

The Enterisol Ileitis swine vaccine is sold by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica in the US.

Kelly Greiner, technical services manager Merck Animal Health, said: "The market has shown that Porcilis Ileitis is a great option for producers to manage ileitis in finishing pigs. The ability to use this vaccine without stopping other medications keeps pigs performing well, while adding a strong line of defense against ileitis.

"Veterinarians and producers can once again look to Porcilis Ileitis to provide the coverage and flexibility in swine health protocols that their operations require."

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