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KSU establishes translational oncology center

Mar 06, 2018 - Animal Pharm
By Sian Lazell 
Animal Pharm
March 6, 2018

Kansas State University (KSU) College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) has opened a new center focused on translational cancer research in animals and humans.

The Center of Excellence for Translational and Comparative Oncology Research (CETCOR) was first established in late 2017 through start-up funding from KSU's Johnson Cancer Research Center and with backing from the CVM.

Raelene Wouda, assistant professor of oncology in the CVM's clinical sciences department, said CETCOR is unlike many other centers of excellence as it does not have a solitary research focus, either on a single type of cancer or single drug or technology.

CETCOR's objective is to advance discoveries by KSU faculty and community toward clinical utility quickly and cost effectively, by guiding study design specifically through the application of appropriate models.

A secondary objective of the center is to provide opportunities for education and networking relating to translational and comparative oncology research in the region.

Prof Wouda said: "The overriding objective of CETCOR is to expedite the pre-clinical and clinical development, production and/or licensure of novel or improved medical interventions – drugs, immunotherapeutics and medical devices – for the treatment, diagnosis and monitoring of both human and animal cancers.

"Our group aims to facilitate the advancement of all cancer-associated research taking place on campus and within the wider KSU community, whether that be at the basic physiologic and pharmacologic level or in the later stages of the therapeutic drug development pathway."

CETCOR will hold its inaugural continuing education symposium on March 17, 2018.

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