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Jinyu targets companion animals with M&A strategy

Nov 02, 2017 - Animal Pharm
By Joseph Harvey
Animal Pharm
November 2, 2017

China's second largest animal health business Jinyu Bio-Technology intends to improve its product mix by acquiring technologies in the companion animal space.

The company is currently China's biggest veterinary vaccines manufacturer and it is in this segment it wants to boost its companion animal coverage, the firm told Animal Pharm.

Dr Yongsheng Wang, the company's vice president and general manager, said Jinyu has the country's only veterinary vaccine national engineering laboratory. Here, the firm hopes to stimulate innovation in the companion animal vaccine area.

Dr Wang said China's market for swine, cattle and poultry vaccines is already advanced. However, there is more room for development in the companion animal portion of the market.

Jinyu's search for companion animal assets will be just part of a wider surge in M&A across the Chinese animal health industry. The country's demand for improved companion animal products – therapeutics and vaccines – is on the rise, as there is only a handful of brands currently approved in China.

Dr Wang said Jinyu's approach to M&A places an emphasis on bringing in complementary technologies, with geographical expansion a secondary focus.

The company is currently looking to push its food animal vaccine portfolio to new Asian markets and expand its presence in its existing geographies such as Mongolia. Earlier this year, Jinyu established a presence in the US. At its new Kansas City base, the firm will aim to develop vaccines both for the US and for potential export back to China.

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