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Jinyu's Chinese leadership bid gets stronger as it sets up base in Kansas City

Jun 01, 2017 - Animal Pharm

By Joseph Harvey
Animal Pharm
June 1, 2017 

In a move highlighting the growing international presence of the Chinese animal health industry, the country's leading veterinary vaccine firms has established a research laboratory in the US.

Jinyu Bio-technology – also known as Jinyu Group – will occupy a vaccine laboratory and offices, which will feature four to six scientific researchers in the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor.

In 2018, the firm will move into a 2,400-square-foot facility, three offices and 800-square-foot of clean room space at the new K-State Office Park Phase II. The Kansas State University (KSU) Foundation expects to break ground on the Phase II building in July 2017 and Jinyu's space will become available the year after.

As part of this move, Jinyu will work with K-State University, the City of Manhattan and the State of Kansas to develop new vaccines for swine and cattle directed at the US market, as well as the Asian and African sectors. Jinyu said it is also considering the potential addition of extra manufacturing facilities in the region.

Chongyu Zhang, chairman of Jinyu, said: "Manhattan and Kansas State University are at the forefront of animal health research that is relevant to the Chinese animal agriculture industry and the world. Jinyu is the largest animal vaccine company in China and is fast growing internationally. We are looking forward to developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with partners in the region."

Jishu Shi, professor and director of US China Center for Animal Health at the university, added: "Kansas State University has many partnerships with the industry, though this partnership is the first one with a Chinese animal health company. It will accelerate the commercialization of novel discovery and development generated by K-State scientists."

While the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor has long been established as the go-to hub for animal health expertise in the US, its reputation internationally is growing as well with firms across the world establishing US branches in the region.

For example, in April, French animal health firm Virbac established its North American distribution facility in Kansas City. The corridor already plays host to a wealth of established animal health companies, as well as start-ups looking for investment and to feed off local business expertise.

Jinyu's globalization brings it closer to #1 goal

While many China-based animal health companies are establishing partnerships with international companies on a domestic basis, Jinyu is actively going beyond Chinese borders to ramp up its sales.

Jinyu is currently the second largest animal health company located in China. However, it has aspirations to lead this sector within five years.

As well as an exceptional financial record – its average annual sales growth rate has been in excess of 30% since 2012 – Jinyu is looking towards globalization to achieve this mission.

Jinyu is presently the leading manufacturer of foot-and-mouth disease vaccines in China. However, while the company wants to bolster its domestic dominance, it is also aiming to take its vaccine expertise to international markets.

The firm currently exports vaccines to a number of countries such as Mongolia, Bangladesh and Egypt – an export roster it is aiming to increase.

Founded in 1993, Jinyu claims it is "one of the few Chinese animal health companies whose products meet international standards". Jinyu also recently revealed plans to open a new biological science and technology industrial park in 2018, which it told Animal Pharm would also boost its chances of becoming the leading animal health company in China.

This new facility will build on the company's existing vaccine capabilities. Jinyu possesses China's only designated national animal vaccine engineering lab, BSL-3. Here, the company develops its pipeline of livestock vaccines.

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