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Boehringer becomes largest animal health stake within Big Pharma

May 14, 2018 - Animal Pharm
By Joseph Harvey
Animal Pharm
May 14, 2018

Boehringer Ingelheim now has the largest animal health business among the leading human pharma companies.

Boehringer's animal health unit now represents 22% of its parent company's annual sales. The company's acquisition of Merial has strengthened animal health's standing at Boehringer. The firm has climbed above Elanco, which represents 13.5% of Eli Lilly's yearly sales.

Elanco has been Big Pharma's largest animal health business in terms of percentage representation for five years following its acquisitions of Novartis Animal Health and Lohmann Animal Health.

The infographic below shows the increasing importance animal health subsidiaries are playing in their parent's portfolios. Boehringer (+14%) and Elanco (+6.5%) have increased their percentage sales contribution notably in the past six years, as did Merial before it was acquired.

Merck Animal health's proportion of its parent has increased by 3% since 2011, while Bayer Animal Health has improved its standing within its parent company by only 1% in the same time period.

The infographic also includes Pfizer Animal Health and Novartis Animal Health. Prior to its spin-out in 2012, Pfizer's animal health business was the largest veterinary medicines company – as remains Zoetis – but was only fourth in terms of its proportion of parent revenues. Novartis had the smallest proportion of animal health revenues.

Over the last few decades, the industry has seen the increasing independence of its leading companies. In the 1990s and 2000s, Animal Pharm industry rankings were dominated by animal health companies who were a minor portion of larger businesses.

Five years ago, the top 10 featured two firms solely focused on animal health. In fiscal 2017's standings, this has risen to five.

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