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AgriLabs targets unmet swine needs with new autogenous vaccines

May 23, 2017 - Animal Pharm

By Joseph Harvey
Animal Pharm
May 23, 2017

AgriLabs has made its autogenous vaccines available for the US swine market – tackling what it sees as a dearth of innovation in this area.

Proprietary production processes belonging to the St Joseph, Missouri-based company allow it to produce custom vaccines from particular strains of certain swine diseases "that have evolved to become harder for other custom vaccine manufacturers to grow".

AgriLabs said the vaccines feature superior syringeability, as well as a 21-day withdrawal period – the lowest allowed for food-producing animals.

A spokesperson for the company told Animal Pharm the autogenous vaccines will help pig producers protect against diseases such as swine influenza and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.

The autogenous vaccines also feature the firm's ENABL adjuvant technology designed to improve the products' performance. This ENABL nanoparticle technology recently gained a US patent.

ENABL disperses the vaccine rapidly from the injection site to activate the animal's immune system, a characteristic that differentiates AgriLabs' technology from other adjuvants. According to the company, traditional adjuvants feature lingering vaccine mass at the injection site, local inflammation and longer pre-slaughter withholding requirements.

AgriLabs has recently built a vaccine production facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, to aid the development of autogenous products. This site features a diagnostic laboratory with capabilities for disease identification and sequencing for herd-specific vaccine production, the firm noted.

Last year, AgriLabs made several significant acquisitions in a bid to become a fully integrated concept-to-commercialization business for food animal vaccines. The commercialization of the custom vaccines is a result of this move, as is the forthcoming introduction of the company's first DNA vaccine platform for food animals in the US market.

Addressing innovation issues

The growing number of firms targeting custom-made vaccines shows the increasing need to provide quick and effective protection against developing disease strains. One such business – Cambridge Technologies – recently spoke to Animal Pharm about the need for innovation in the autogenous vaccine market.

Sean O'Hare, executive vice president of AgriLabs, gave his own point-of-view on this burgeoning opportunity.

"The custom vaccine market has seen little innovation in recent years despite a growing number of companies. Our technological advancements allow us to deliver a custom vaccine option that is truly different from – and better designed to evolve with your health management practices than – others in the market," he said.

"Making custom vaccines for hard-to-grow virus strains has become a particular challenge in the industry, and our scientists have developed novel techniques to address that challenge.

"ENABL novel adjuvants feature a patented lipid/polymer matrix to which antigens attach for efficient delivery to target cells. That means higher absorption of antigen to immune cells. The result is a greater immune response – and a custom vaccine offering unlike any other."

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