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AgriLabs adds territory manager in US

Mar 06, 2017 - Animal Pharm
By Sian Lazell
Animal Pharm
March 3, 2017

Missouri-headquartered animal health firm AgriLabs has appointed a new territory sales manager for the south east US.

James Buck will be responsible for managing and implementing sales within the territory.

Mr Buck has over 30 years of experience in the animal agriculture industry. He has also previously led and supported sales operations through training and technology initiatives. He majored in agriculture business at the University of Tennessee.

Mr Buck first worked with the Tennessee Farmers Co-operative as an outside sales rep for feed sales to dairymen.

He became more rooted in the animal health industry during the late 1990s, going on to hold roles at Boehringer Ingelheim, Merial and Novartis Animal Health. During his time at these companies, he helped to launch new products including endectocides, antimicrobials and DNA technologies.

In October, AgriLabs added a new manager for the High Plains region of the US. Dustin Vander Vorst is responsible for managing and implementing sales within the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

The firm previously spoke to Animal Pharm in September. Steve Schram, president and chief executive of AgriLabs, outlined the company's plans to focus on the need for food animal vaccines.

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