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Advanced Animal Diagnostics gets EU go-ahead for mastitis test

Apr 27, 2017 - Animal Pharm

By Joseph Harvey
Animal Pharm
April 27,2017

US firm Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) has received regulatory approval for its QScout Farm Lab in Europe.

The Morrisville, North Carolina-based company has received a CE Marking approval, which allows for the commercial sale of its mastitis detection technology.

AAD will sell its diagnostic in the top dairy-producing countries in Europe via a partnership with Zoetis, which it struck deal with in September 2016. This approval marks the next stage of AAD's global expansion. In the US, it has been ramping up its sales and management teams as its domestic sales spread.

The QScout Farm Lab is portable lab-in-a-box technology. It runs the QScout MLD (milk leukocyte differential) test, which detects infection before visual symptoms appear and allow veterinarians and producers to make earlier, more effective treatment decisions to minimize mammary gland damage and the spread of pathogens, and to maximize milk production and quality.

AAD's technology combats mastitis by decoding the immune system's response to infection, allowing users to find hidden udder infections before any losses occur.

Traditional mastitis diagnostic tests can pose challenges for veterinarians and dairy producers due to milk sampling and handling requirements, claims AAD. However, the firm believes the QScout MLD test "provides a more precise diagnosis by identifying and differentiating white blood cells in milk at the quarter level".

AAD said: "When used at dry off to guide selective dry cow therapy, the QScout MLD test led to a 47% reduction in antibiotic use at the cow level and a 59% reduction at the quarter level in US trials.

"In Europe, where many countries are phasing out mass-medication of livestock, this test will allow dairy producers to ensure that antibiotics are only being given to cows that truly need them. Recent data from the European Medicines Agency show that average antibiotic use in farming is 300% higher than the recommended amount, highlighting the need for accurate tools to identify infected animals."

The company's test can also be used in early lactation to generate an extra €235 per infected cow, it claims.

"Trial data show that cows diagnosed with QScout MLD and given follow-up treatment have 601 more kilograms per cow at 305d ME, 115,000 fewer somatic cells/mL across the lactation and 14 fewer days open," the company noted. "Early detection of mastitis with QScout MLD also promotes animal welfare and ensures cow comfort."

Mastitis infections cost the European dairy industry over €1 billion ($1.12 billion) per year, according to AAD. Mastitis infections are the single most prevalent and costly disease that impact dairy cows by reducing milk production, milk quality and reproductive efficiency.

Earlier this week, Animal Pharm published an overview of new developments in the understanding of bovine mastitis.

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