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VitamFero secures 'promising' results in infection prevention studies

Oct 11, 2017 - Animal Pharm
By Joesph Harvey
Animal Pharm
October 11, 2017

French biotechnology company VitamFero has achieved "particularly promising results" when preventing serious infections in chicks.

In conjunction with François-Rabelais de Tours University and France's national institute for agricultural research, the company's non-virulent live strain of Toxoplasma gondii has been successfully tested for preventing neonatal infectious diseases in chicks. The studies covered parasitic, bacterial and viral infections.

VitamFero's non-virulent live strain has now shown it can effectively alleviate clinical symptoms following infections with eimeria, salmonella or influenza. The firm's patented technologies are based on non-virulent live vectors, expressing genes coding for selected relevant proteins for vaccine development.

While the company has made advances in its R&D work, it is also moving forward with a round of private fundraising. VitamFero aims to secure around $14 million to complete proof-of-concept, finish formulation work and secure licensing partners for its immunotherapies.

The Angers-based company's goal is to reach breakeven "within the next few years". VitamFero recently boosted its management team by adding Jean-Loup Romet-Lemonne as its executive chairman.

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