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US start-up building smart collar capabilities for pet, livestock industries

Sep 07, 2018 - Animal Pharm
By Daniel Willis

Scollar is creating the first open platform smart collar, mobile app and cloud service for multiple species.

Santa Rosa, California-based Scollar claims it will enable multiple functionality in a smart collar that is flexible and changeable with the altering needs of the animal and owner.

The firm's smart collar has GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, a rechargeable battery system, LED lighting, a display screen and advanced sensors. The smart collars securely connect with the mobile app, base station and data cloud.

Furthermore, the smart collar addresses the following needs through an all-in-one solution: collecting and analyzing animal data; improving owner/provider communication; protecting livestock from predators; improving fertility efficiency and timing; tracking the animals' location; monitoring medication protocols; monitoring animal movement platforms; and monitoring vital signs.

Scollar claims it is the only smart collar company innovating technology for both companion and production animals, with its smart tech enabling the firm to tap into multiple animal care market segments and global regions.

The company is initially launching its smart collar for cats and dogs through a business-to-business strategy with an omnichannel approach, which includes speciality retail and 'e-tail' channels, alongside partnerships with animal industry service providers and product manufacturers.

The firm will shift its attention to a launch in the US livestock sector in the future, with a combination of direct outreach to smaller ranchers and producers alongside collaborations with the service providers they rely upon.

Scollar told attendees to the recent Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum its primary competition comes from the growing trend of multiple wearable and attachable technologies.

It claims while these technologies are meeting the growing standards of the animal care industry – including health and activity monitoring, GPS tracking and fertility monitoring – they are only designed to handle individual aspects of animal care, whereas Scollar's smart collar embodies all needs in one.

Financial projections for 2017-2021 from the company project a huge sales increase from $0.05 million to $331m. Scollar also hopes to boost its gross margin from 30% in 2017 to 86% by 2021.

Scollar plans to launch the Scollar mini in Q4 2018 – a sleek, smaller Scollar smart tag exclusively for cats and dogs. It also plans to unveil Scollar Trek in 2019, which is an easy to use smart collar designed exclusively for active and adventurous dogs.

The business is additionally seeking funding, with $1.4m investment being received to date.

Reprinted with permission of Animal Pharm News







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