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LabM2 gets North American distributor for hoofcare products

Jul 27, 2017 - Animal Pharm

By Joseph Harvey
Animal Pharm
July 27, 2017 

Thymox is a botanically-derived brand of animal health products developed by LabM2. Enviro-Tech will sell Thymox Footbath (for controlling the spread of treponemes and other bacteria that cause digital dermatitis) and Thymox Hoofcare.

LabM2 said Enviro-Tech operates "the largest and most developed delivery system and sales network for dairy hoof care products in North America".

John Eakin, chief executive and founder of Enviro-Tech, said: "We've been in the dairy footbath business for over 30 years, so we've seen first-hand the spread of digital dermatitis, and know the current footbath methods are not sustainable.

"For example, while copper sulfate works well enough, it's not biodegradable. In addition, studies have shown that copper sulfate accumulates in fields where footbath by-products are spread. This becomes problematic because copper sulfate is phytotoxic and causes lower crop production and nearly irreparable soil and environmental damage.

"With Thymox we are giving farmers a new, effective way to combat digital dermatitis without mortgaging the health and productivity of their fields."

Sherbrooke, Quebec-based LabM2 is also developing antimicrobial products under the Thymox brand. The firm claims these products are "as effective as tetracycline in killing the bacteria in hoof lesions, and will lead to better healing of digital dermatitis sores".

Currently, LabM2 is aiming to expand the global sales empire of Thymox. The firm currently sells the Thymox brand in the US, Canada and China, and is in the process of developing a distributor relationship in Europe. LabM2 has a distribution agreement with Provimi for Thymox in the UK, as well as Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

Recently, LabM2 bagged funding to fuel its commercialization campaign.

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