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Aptimmune adds swine vet to aid vaccine commercialization

Jul 27, 2017 - Animal Pharm

By Joseph Harvey
Animal Pharm
July 27, 2017 

The Champaign, Illinois-based business is currently launching its new porcine reproductive and respiratory virus (PRRSV) and influenza vaccines – a process Dr Seate will aid.

Before joining Aptimmune, Dr Seate worked for Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica as a swine technical manager in the company's marketing department. She has also previously worked as a swine veterinarian for Smithfield Foods.

Aptimmune is building a portfolio of mucosal vaccines targeting the costliest viral diseases impacting the swine industry. The company's PRRSV vaccine launched last month, turning Aptimmune into a commercial entity. The autogenous vaccine is administered via a nasal spray and was created using the firm's BARRICADE formulation technology.

The company predicts annual revenues of around $50 million from swine vaccine sales by 2020. This would come after only a decade following the company's foundation.

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