Program | Monday, August 31, 2020

Attire is casual or business casual

Networking will begin at 5:00 p.m.

2019 KC Animal Health Corridor Homecoming Program

Rise. Where’s your corporate soul?

Consumers and employees around the world are speaking up. Through their wallets and employment agreements, everyday people are shaping the way a company acts and behaves in the world. So, what do they want?

They are saying they only want to buy and work for companies that have a social conscience. It’s no longer good enough to produce a good product. It’s not good enough to pay a good salary and benefits. Consumers and employees alike want and expect a company to positively contribute to society in a meaningful way. A recent study by NYU found that purpose-oriented employees tend to remain with their employer 20% longer than those at other companies. They are also 47% more likely to be strong ambassadors of the company if they are connected with a purpose. From a consumer standpoint, 87% say they would purchase a product based on their social integrity.

While being a good corporate citizen isn’t a new phenomenon, recent social movements such as Bullying, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change and Me Too, have given rise to the public taking a greater role in social issues. The Animal Health Corridor represents hundreds of companies, many that have adopted social consciousness as a function of their business operation. Too often, it is kept a secret, a disservice to their employees and their brand. The 14th annual Homecoming dinner will celebrate all that is good about the animal health industry and reinforce the importance of taking a stance with social commitment.

Keynote Speaker | Craig Kielburger

Co-founder, WE Organization: WE Charity, WE Day, ME to WE
NY Times best-selling Author, Humanitarian, Social Entrepreneur

Craig Kielburger-1-hi-res 2018
Craig’s incredible journey started in his parents’ living room. From visiting the most poverty-stricken and war-torn parts of the world to sitting on Oprah’s couch to building a global organization, Craig has helped change millions of lives and inspired millions of others to make a difference.

Over the past two decades, he and his brother, Marc—fellow WE co-founder—have grown the WE global community to engage over 4 million people in service, including 250,000 students who volunteer to earn their ticket to WE Day, the greatest celebration for social good in the world.

Their innovative social enterprise model, ME to WE, sustains the work of their charitable mission with socially conscious products and experiences. Their work has resulted in a holistic development model, WE Villages, to empower more than one million people in developing communities.

Craig is also the youngest-ever graduate of Kellogg’s Executive MBA program and has received 16 honorary doctorates and degrees for his work in education and human rights. He is a social entrepreneur, a powerful and internationally acclaimed speaker, and has authored 12 books, including his newest, WEconomy: You can find meaning, make a living, and change the world.

Today, he continues to inspire and empower people of all ages to take steps toward making a meaningful difference.

Dinner Host | Scott Bormann

Bormann_Scott (2)Scott Bormann is Senior Vice President, North America Operations, for Merck Animal Health. In this role, he oversees the management of the companion animal and food animal businesses in the U.S. and Canada.  Scott serves on Merck Animal Health’s Operating Committee and is a member of the Animal Health Leadership Team.  He joined Merck in 2012.

Prior to joining Merck, he served as Senior Director of the Animal Genetics business for Pfizer Animal Health responsible for leading global commercial efforts.

Bormann joined the animal health industry in 1991 as a sales representative and has held positions of increasing responsibility across livestock, companion animal and equine segments in several areas of commercial operations. His positions included Director of Companion Animal Business and Vice President, Livestock & Equine Business at Fort Dodge Animal Health.

He currently serves as chair of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor Board of Directors and chaired the board in 2014. The Animal Health Corridor provides leadership, oversight and connection to the private, research and academic sectors within the animal health segment, while partnering with the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute and the Kansas City Area Development Council. 

Scott also serves on the National FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Board, as well as the Texas A&M University, Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication internal advisory board.

He holds both a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education and a Master of Science in Animal Science from Texas A&M University.

Iron Paw Award Recipient | Linda Rhodes, VMD, PhD

Linda Rhodes.2019.Iron Paw

Dr. Rhodes received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College, her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine, and her PhD from Cornell University. She is the proud mother of a son, Adam.

She was a large animal practitioner for five years, with a focus on dairy cows. Her pharmaceutical career began at Sterling Winthrop, followed by a position at Merck in pre-clinical biology for human drug development followed by two years at Merial as director of large animal development projects. In 2001, she left Merial to co-found AlcheraBio, a contract research firm specializing in developing new drugs for animals. AlcheraBio was acquired in 2008, and Dr. Rhodes became Vice President. She taught a graduate course in Animal Pharmaceutical Development in her role as an adjunct professor in the Rutgers Graduate School of Endocrinology and Animal Biosciences and was a member of the Board of Directors of ImmuCell Corporation from 2005-2016.

In 2011, Dr. Rhodes became the founding CEO of Aratana Therapeutics, and subsequently, when the company went public she served as its Chief Scientific Officer. During her five-year tenure, she led the R&D team to achieve FDA approval of the pet therapeutics Galliprant, Entyce and Nocita. Dr. Rhodes serves on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs, and on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Michelson Prize and Grants Program, working towards finding a non-surgical alternative to spay/neuter, in order to reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats world-wide. After retiring from Aratana in 2016, Dr. Rhodes was appointed to the Board of Directors of Zoetis. In 2017, she founded Feather in Her Cap Association, dedicated to recognizing high achieving women in the animal health industry.

Spirit of Service Honorees |New Horizon Ranch and Rose Brooks Center

The KC Animal Health Corridor and its partners are honored to recognize two not-for-profit organizations with the 2019 Spirit of Service award, New Horizon Ranch and Rose Brooks Center.  

New Horizon Ranch

New Horizon Ranch


Serving individuals since 2007, it is the mission of New Horizon Ranch, to enrich the lives of individuals through equine assisted activities and therapies.


It is their belief that every individual is capable of greatness and they believe that horses can play an important role in that process! Riding and interaction with horses are not only fun, but create opportunities for kids, youth and adults to improve physical strength, relational skills, cognitive skills and communication. Their horse partners create a unique and motivating atmosphere where riders are encouraged to reach new levels of independence, responsibility and confidence.

They take pride in their family-oriented culture. Many parents have expressed that coming to New Horizon Ranch is the highlight of their child’s week. The entire family enjoys coming to The Ranch, because everyone is accepted. Whether you are a volunteer, client, or family of a client, NHR is a breath of fresh air; it’s a place to take time, relax and enjoy the beauty of the horses and nature!


NHR currently offers a variety of programs including Therapeutic Riding, Equine Assisted Learning, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, and Summer Day Camp programs to individuals of all ages with physical, cognitive, social, emotional and learning disabilities.

Rose Brooks Center

The mission of Rose Brooks Center is to break the cycle of domestic violence so that individuals and families can live free of abuse.

Rose Brooks Center provides a safe place where individuals, families, and pets are welcomed, wrapped in support, and can begin to heal. Respectful, individualized care is offered, including advocacy, therapy, safety planning, finding a home, and connecting with community resources for health, legal, and financial needs. We extend into the community through long-standing and stable partnerships, offering immediate care, education, and violence prevention in hospitals, schools, courts, and throughout law enforcement. Because of this community work, we are able to reach over 14,000 individuals and pets each year.

Rose Brooks Center was the first domestic violence agency in the region to open its own free-standing, fully staffed pet shelter, PAWS Place. 

Rose Brooks Center believes in family and the human-animal bond. Our work every day is to keep families safe and help them rebuild their lives after abuse. And pets are part of that family too.


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